1. Unless otherwise stated all exhibits must be the property of the Exhibitor. All entries in the Flower, Vegetables and Fruit sections must have been grown by the Exhibitor. Entries in the Cookery and Handicrafts sections must be the exhibitor’s own work.

2. The Committee reserve the right to refuse any exhibit, and in the event of such refusal, it is not required to give any reason or explanation. Any exhibit which does not conform to the wording of the Schedule shall be disqualified, and the entry card marked accordingly.

3. Where the number or quantity of plants, flowers, fruit or vegetables is specified in the Schedule for a class, vase, dish or collection, any exhibit with more or less than the specified amount will be disqualified.

4. Wherever possible exhibits should be correctly named BUT no one should be deterred from entering merely because the name (s) is unknown. Errors in name will NOT result in disqualification.

5. Exhibitors are allowed more than one entry in any flower vegetable and fruit class, but each entry must be a different cultivar or variety.

6. Any award may be withheld if the exhibits are considered unworthy.

7. The decision of the judges including matters not covered by these rules shall be final. However any complaint may be submitted in writing by 4pm on the day of the show.

8. Although every care will be taken to safeguard exhibits, the committee will not be responsible for losses or damage.

9. The show will be conducted in accordance with the rules and standards contained in the THE RHS HORTICULTURAL SHOW HANDBOOK except where, under this schedule, they obviously do not apply.

10. Vases will be available for all flower exhibits, but in the Flower Arranging Classes, exhibitors must provide their own vases and containers. In the Fruit and Vegetable classes Exhibitors must provide their own dishes/stands/containers.

11. All exhibits must be staged between 7.30am and 10.30am. A warning bell will be rung at 10.15 and the tents cleared of Exhibitors at 10.30. No exhibit or part of any exhibit may be altered or removed until 3.45pm. All exhibits not to be left for auction must be removed BETWEEN 3.45pm and 4pm. All remaining items will be auctioned in aid of show funds at 4.15pm unless marked “NOT FOR SALE” on the exhibit label.

12. All entries are free and entry forms MUST be submitted to arrive by NOON on Friday 8th September.

     •  BY EMAIL – Entry forms are available on the Albourne Village Show website – Please complete and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     •  BY MAIL OR BY HAND – You may mail or hand deliver your completed entry form (back page of the schedule) to the Show Superintendent – Michael Gratton, Albourne Place Lodge, Truslers Hill Lane, Albourne, BN6 9DU.

     •  ADDITIONALLY entry forms may be handed in at the Village Hall on Thursday 7th September from 6pm to 8pm or on Friday 8th September from 11am to 12noon.